“Presented an accurate health diagnose and advise in an easy way for everyone.”

The Theory Behind

Like no others that ever appears before, with seven years of hard work research, a group of medical experts and mathematicians producing a systematic process that correlates the symptoms of a disease, by using the ratio of the medical markers used to diagnose and specify several diseases.

Using blood markers to identify human hormone and enzyme levels with the view that any deviations could be early indications of specific chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases, even autism.

Speed of early diagnoses will play a big part in the human healing process, by knowing the disease we can be treated through a program of hormones, enzyme supplements, healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve a state of good health and well-being.

Theory Identity

Uniqueness of Theory

The algorithm is the key to uniqueness, using targeted markers will able for us to diagnose specific potential problems or the main problem itself.

Conventional blood analysis algorithm will be able to give suggestions for targeted treatment, such as nutritional supplements, hormone therapies, healthy diet and lifestyle that can increase the effectiveness of a physical training program.

Benefits for Humanity

Innovation should be used to bring benefits to humanity. In this case, the medical ratio theory is present to accurately diagnose as early prevention and personalized advice using a person condition to treat the personal health condition.

Blood Test
A single blood test that measures 10 parameters, may suffice to diagnose other diseases in an individual.
Cost Efficiency
Cost efficiency thus every person can have affordable health access
Efficient in Diagnosing
Efficient in diagnosing diseases and reducing ‘missed’ cases that might happen during diagnosis.
Final Result
As a final result, a person can have a normal physiologic state.