“Leveraging algorithms and equations in technology to gain access to better health easily.”

Diagnosis Claims
The Medical Ratio Theory using the latest Algorithms and equations in technology with a unique algorithm inside, combined with blood sample may result in a unique combination code as an indicator for several diseases in the human body.

We targeted 10 medical markers that can be used on blood samples to determine the early presence of specific illnesses, as follow;

Theory Benefits

Beside for diagnosing the specific disease, moreover it can also be used for;

Diagnosing chronic diseases

Diagnosis of chronic and immunological diseases, including certain cancers and skin diseases.

Diagnosis of ischemia

Identify people who have previously been or are likely to have clot or ischemia later.

Autism Treatment

Identify autism patients without identifying spectra and as explanation the high incidence of male in comparison to female disease.

Future diseases

Diagnosis of current diseases, and prediction of future diseases that have not yet been borne by the person.

Follow up of lifestyle

Accurately identify and determined the effect of lifestyle, sport, and food whether it is beneficial for the person.

Adjust the vitamins

Identify vitamin D deficiency without the need to do vitamin D analysis, and determining the side effects of drugs.


Did You Know

That there has been a steady rise in the incidence of people who are regarded as being Autistic over the past two decades?

This rise now means that in the USA and Europe the statistics currently show that 1 of 68 people are somewhere on the Autistic spectrum. The statistics are similar for Asia, except for Korea where the ratio is currently 1 of 38 people.

As we know, people with autism will show other medical symptoms differently and people hard to identify them. Moreover, it needs to be examined in the hospital will long and tiring procedure to go through.

Current Situation

Recently, diagnosing autism can be challenging since long until now, there are no medical tests to diagnose it. The usual way in which it is diagnosed is by referral to a Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist. These doctors usually have a very long waiting list for months.

Moreover, the diagnosis process can be complicated, because the responsibilities for the process overlapping between the healthcare system and education.

The Solution

The Medical Ratio Theory appears as a bridge to cut a long and tiring process and assist you to have an accurate diagnosis and suggestion, far earlier than others can normally through behavioural and cognitive assessment.